HR Alliance is a top human resource consulting firm…and more.

At HR Alliance, our mission is to help organizations drive profits through better HR management. Sure, we take care of administration and compliance issues, but we also:

  • Improve innovation with best-in-class talent selection and employee retention programs.
  • Drive revenue growth through proactive performance management.
  • Reduce cost by managing risk, conflict and inefficiency.
  • Mitigate employment risk.
  • Provide flexible HR solutions customized to meet your unique business needs.
  • And give you more freedom to focus on growing your business!

At HR Alliance, our role isn’t just HR management, it’s HR optimization.

As a top human resource consulting firm, HR Alliance provides onsite and on-call certified professionals that bring best-in-class human resource management practices to your organization. We’ll remove unproductive functions and eliminate the hassle of HR management.

HR Alliance will give your more time and freedom to focus on your corporate goals.

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HR Alliance is a division of Malone Solutions.


Malone is one of the largest professional staffing and recruiting firms in the Midwest.  With offices in nine states, Malone serves the industrial, professional and clerical hiring needs of thousands of employers. HR Alliance brings HR outsourcing and world-class HR consulting services to employers in all the markets Malone serves. For more information on Malone Solutions, please visit