As your organization expands and you bring in new staff members, you may find yourself with an employment gap to bridge.  The gap between the team members who have been with your business since the early days and the new recruits with exciting and innovative ideas can lead to tension in the workplace, and to trials for HR staff who need to effectively manage and motivate both distinct groups.

So, how do you bridge the gap and keep long-time employees happy while making room for new upstarts in your industry? Here are three tips:

  1. Clearly communicate the value of both employee groups.
    The long-term employees who are loyal to your organization need to feel appreciated and know their ideas and efforts still matter. New employees also need to be made to feel welcomed and have their contributions acknowledged. Make sure all supervisors and staff members go the extra mile to acknowledge and communicate the value that all workers bring to the team.
  1. Be clear on what changes are coming.
    Long-term employees may see new hires coming in, and may become concerned they’ll be left behind as the organization moves forward with a new generation of contributors.  Put their minds at ease by communicating what will and will not change, and what fundamental organizational values will remain the bedrock principles of how your business operates.
  1. Let all employees work to their strengths.
    During different seasons of a company’s growth, you’ll require different skills from workers. Your long-term employees are the organization’s backbone and institutional memory while new employees may have innovative ideas that can shake things up. Both have a role to play, so let both the old and new employees contribute in the ways that they are most comfortable for them.

Gaps between old and new team members can be bridged with effective management and oversight from skilled HR professionals.  HR Alliance provides invaluable assistance to organizations on recruitment, new hires, and training of new employees to fit in and become valuable contributors to the workplace.  Contact HR Alliance today to learn more about how good human resource professionals can bridge any employment gap.