HR employees have to fulfill many roles within an organization, from meeting recruiting needs to handling training and solving employee problems.  Skilled HR staff may make the job look easy, but the reality is that even the best human resources professionals may become overworked, overwhelmed and overtired.  Your business needs effective human resources management to grow and thrive in a competitive market, so you need to be watchful of signs that it is time to give your HR department a boost.

Here are five red flags that could suggest your HR staff needs some help:

  • Your company is experiencing too much turnover. Finding and training new employees is expensive. If people are leaving consistently, it may be because of problems with your training programs or because your in-house HR staff does not have the time to carefully screen and find the right candidates.
  • Employee morale is low. Employee engagement is going to have a big impact on how successful your organization is. If your employees seem disinterested, disengaged or downright depressed, HR needs to do more to improve working conditions and make your office an enjoyable place to work. Human resources staff members can quickly become bogged down with solving problems and be unable to make time to help workers find joy in their jobs.
  • Your training programs are out-of-date. Employees need to know what they are doing, and it is the job of HR professionals to help ensure that training programs work well. Unfortunately, overworked HR staff may not have the necessary time to tweak or modify training protocols. This can leave new workers lost, and long-time workers frustrated, at the lack of opportunities to learn new skills.
  • Labor processes are not being documented. The last thing you want is a problem with any state or federal agencies because you are not keeping track of regulatory compliance. If HR can’t keep up with required paperwork, you need to get them some help … yesterday!
  • Performance issues are not being corrected. A lack of employee accountability can result in staff members who make big mistakes. Qualified workers may also become frustrated by the fact that people who cause problems are not being held responsible. This can be a major de-motivator.  HR needs to have time to monitor and address little performance issues before big problems develop.

When you notice these signs of trouble, HR Alliance is here and ready to come to the rescue. Partner with HR Alliance to keep your human resources staff and your workforce moving ahead at full steam.