Human resources is an ever-changing field, with HR professionals and departments needing to respond quickly to changes in legal regulations, technology, and personnel demands. HR professionals and industry leaders who evolve and who adapt to the changing times are likely to thrive in their careers, and help make their companies more competitive in a global marketplace.

What can you do, as an HR professional in 2015, to take the necessary steps forward to further your career and your company’s business interests, and be successful in HR?

Become a trusted business advisor and embed HR specialists throughout the business.

The human resources department has traditionally been its own little world, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  HR professionals can become a more-integral part of the organization as a whole, so recruitment, hiring and training can be done with a more up-close and personal eye on the needs of each department.  While central coordination is still essential for handling routine HR functions, local implementation of HR policies and practices can achieve better overall results.  With more integration of human resources services, HR professionals can also expand the role they serve to become trusted advisors on many critical business issues.

Embrace “Generation Z” workers and explore new trends for recruiting top talent.

Those born between 1995 and 2010 are part of Generation Z, and will be starting to enter the workforce as interns and employees. HR professionals and companies they work for should look into recruiting new young talent to bring innovative ideas into the workforce. HR leaders will also continue to adapt to the increased use of social media as a recruitment and screening tool for potential workers.  More companies than ever are using blogs, social media, and other online mediums to stand out and connect with emerging thought leaders in different industries.

Focus on the development of HR skills.

Far too often, an HR department is comprised of people who accidentally moved into their roles instead of people with a strong background and interest in HR.  Companies should ensure HR departments are staffed with people who have training in HR, and a passion for maximizing the value of human resources.  HR professionals should also continue to further their professional development so they can sharpen their skills and abilities and help their departments to evolve into an integral component of the company’s success.


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